Such a fun holiday project….

But don’t let the holiday fabric catch you up! — You could make this in ANY fabric and it’d be fabulous!

An awesome tutorial I found online today, and just had to share with you all.

Halloween Treat Bucket Fabric Tutorial

Hope you will love it, and find great inspiration for future uses, and not just for this holiday!

Have a great rest of your morning fans…

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Hope you’re having a lovely morning so far, and that your day only gets better by the moment.
Have a beautiful day ALL!

PinkSodaPop & Art Candy by PinkSodaPop


How cute are these for storage?

I stumbled across this tutorial today and thought how wonderful some custom fabric designs would be in a nursery setting for storage!

What a great project and awesome tutorial.

Find it here!

I think it would be a great way to customize a room for a child or especially a nursery. You ALWAYS needs lots of storage for babies and kids, this would be great for that!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day today fans. It’s been super busy here, but productive.

Have a wonderful rest of your afternoon and day!

^_^ <3


Today is awesome day…

Okay, well it is for me anyways.

Going to be hitting up IKEA today and see if there is anything cool there I just gotta have.

I’m very excited! I have shopped the store via the catalog quite a bit, but just am now getting to visit our local store. (It’s pretty new…)

I’m going with a good friend, so that should make it even more fun!

Do any of you love IKEA out there? I wish I was super rich, I’d probably own nothing but IKEA, I just adore their design esthetic!


I’m almost at 700 fans on my facebook page… YAY!
I am so excited each day when I log in and see a change.
I love connecting with new people on there! So many nice people that I call my fans, I’m very blessed!
I hope to continue to keep it fun for all of the fans, and make a great place on facebook to visit.
*Fingers Crossed!*
If there are any fans reading this, if you want something on facebook that I don’t currently have going… PLEASE let me know!  It’s your page really… you are what makes it worthwhile! So let me keep you happy. Give me some advice if you see it lacking anything. I appreciate your help fans, more than you know!

Here’s hoping we ALL have a great rest of the week… it’s starting out pretty darn good, and I hope it stays that way for us all!

^_^ <3